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Tips you should remember

Here are some tips for naming that one should take as an advice when getting a child, or converting to Islam:

1. Beautiful Meaning
The Messenger of Allah (s) teaches us that we should choose a name that has a nice meaning and is comfortable for the wearer of the name.

2. What is an Islamic Name?
Read a little further into the subject areas to find out which names are allowed or prohibited in Islam and which are beloved by Allah (swt).

3. Simple spelling
Make it easy for your child and choose a name with a simple notation. This avoids misunderstandings and derisive remarks later in life, above all, if you don't live in an Islamic country.

4. First and last name as a unit
One should also bear in mind that the first name should also match the last name. There should be a certain kind of harmony in the pronounciation of the name . If you have a long last name, you should choose a short first name for your child (with short surnames, however, a long first name comes better).

5. Subsequent changes
Keep in mind when naming that subsequent amendments of the first name is usually not possible. This also applies to the addition or removal of a second name, as well as for the spelling.

6. Use of our Wishlist
Through the Add to Wishlist function of page, you can bookmark names and then compare and listen again and so on. So we ease you the way to the right Islamic name for you or for your child.



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